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Emma Clowes
01264 729292

course-management-hero-administratorsWho are MOR Solutions, and what do they do?

MOR Solutions Ltd is a software company with its roots in the leisure industry, who’s products and services been built up with constant consultation with various swim schools and leisure centres to ensure that products remain current and responsive to evolving needs of businesses offering course led activities.  Both SwimSoft Online and MOR Leisure have been developed by the company, and are the businesses leading products.  The software is designed to save money, reduce administration, increase retention and streamline business processes.

Emma Clowes looks after all of the company’s Sales, Marketing and PR.

“…Swimsoft has improved my business, increasing my revenue and decreasing my admin time. Brilliant…”
Aaron Rogers, Director, Swim School Academy Ltd

Are you looking for a way to manage your courses?course-management-hero-teachers1

Do you want to spend less time doing administration?

Are you looking to improve retention and grow your business?

Are you looking for a cost effective solution?

If the answer is yes, you will find information on how we could support your team members and clients on our website:

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