Heidi Bawden Videography

Heidi Bawden

heidi-bawden-video-production-3 I’m a freelance videographer who specialises in video production, editing and graphics in the local area. I began making videos at a very young age so all in all I have over 10 years’ experience already – it’s been a true lifelong passion for me! The use of video for marketing yourself or your business is key in this rapidly changing, modern world. People crave artistic visuals and videos that tell your story. I love working closely with each individual to understand their business so that we can really get your personality out there through a video! My ultimate goal is to make individuals stand out. I really enjoy working on a diverse mixture of projects and I’m always up for an exciting challenge. I pride myself in being passionate and truly dedicated to everything I create, and of course one of the best parts is meeting so many new people along the way! heidi-bawden-video-production-4

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