E Giles Book-keeping

Emma Giles
07887 985317

Hi, I’m Emma, I’ve been a Book-keeper for nearly 20 years.

I started my career working for Andover’s largest acCPE20Calculator20and20Pen202countancy practice way back in 1988, I really enjoyed helping out the accountants with their work and the satisfaction of helping clients with their day to day needs, I enjoyed it so much I signed myself up at the local college to learn more about the business and get myself qualified.

For the last 15 years I’ve taken various opportunities to do the job I love. I’ve helped set up numerous small companies for local entrepreneurs and assisted them as they have steadily grown their own businesses. I’ve gained a lot of experience working with the various companies understanding their needs, assisting with their payroll which in addition to the book-keeping services I offer is a real plus point.

I’m currently assisting numerous small companies carrying out their day to day books, doing their tax returns and offering free advice whenever they need it. I’m here 24/7 for my clients, I know the worry they can go through and will always be there to help out where I can.

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