Coyote Fitness Uk – Coyote Kids Fit Club

Rebecca Owen
07890 298339

“Coyote Kids Fit Club cre15079067_1166967200066184_1728763352707105218_nates a healthy, active, motivated child for life” We provide eternal skills and a healthier lifestyle. We do this by creating fun, fitness activities that are suitable for all children focusing on the basic blocks of fitness, starting at the tender age of 2 years old. Each week we focus on a different discipline such as healthy heart training (cardiovascular), strength, balance, speed, agility, fine and gross motor skill development, nutrition, dance and yoga for mindfulness.

15094278_1166972850065619_4470506747948993567_nRebecca says “ we were all born to move, and we all unfortunately seem to be doing less of it. Daily stresses of life and of work have played a big part in keeping us more sedentary instead of on the go. Fitness helps with so many things and by starting our children on the path to a healthier, more active lifestyle as young as possible will teach them to make it part of their natural daily routine like eating and sleeping for the rest of their lives” Join Coyote Kids Fit Club and watch your children move from couch potato to active super hero with magical fitness mayhem at its best!


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