November 2013 Meeting

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Our November meeting was held at the elegant Esseborne Manor and was very well attended. As this was a networking meeting, several members had tables displaying their products and services. We also had a large number of guests and it was lovely to meet new people and find out what they do.

This was a very buzzy meeting! The food was excellent and conversation flowed. Vera’s SWOT and PRAM analysis resulted in very positive participation and interesting outcomes. What was clear to me was how differently we view what we do and how we view ourselves, particularly within smaller companies or where we are the business; assessing our strengths and weaknesses as individuals rather than as those of the “business”. Having worked for so long in very large companies it highlighted for me the importance of analysing the individual, particularly where we are the business.

There was a great mix of people with diverse experience and businesses. The club isn’t just a fantastic source of information and networking; we get valuable feedback – on what we do, how we work, the products and services we offer – from experienced business women. We get to do this in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere, in the evening, when we don’t have to rush off to meetings or squeezed into a lunch break!