June 2013 Meeting

Andover Women in Business Club enjoy interesting speakers at their meetings, and were pleased to welcome  Janet Crick from Prime -The Prince’s Initiative for Mature
Enterprise – and Bev Wadhams from – The Street Pastors, Andover

Janet explained that PRIME helps unemployed people over the age of 50 to set up their own businesses. The over 50’s have a wealth of skills, knowledge and ambition, but
unemployment in this group has steadily increased by as much as 40% in the last two
years. As several of our group (including myself!) are around this age we found this a worrying fact.

PRIME can help and invites involvement, and provides support in our area, and nationally. They offer courses in setting up a business, how to run it, networking, on and offline resources, E-Newsletters and a lot more, including a Mentoring Programme.

Andrea's Prime Graduation

Andrea’s Prime Graduation

Andrea has benefited greatly by taking up the service they provide and can recommend them.

Bev, who is a coordinator from the Street Pastors, Andover
told us what they get up to late at night/early morning in Andover Town!

What came over to myself and other in AWIBC, was how caring and loving they all are. Basically watching over and helping those who are out to be safer. They offer some very useful cards, with taxi numbers and popular helplines – and just a friendly smile, to those who are having fun, or those that need someone to talk to, offload about anything, and those who may need a little extra help of any sort.

This benefits us all as a community, and must be a great help to the businesses that run late night/early morning in the town.

We are very fortunate to have the Street Pastors who lovingly listen, care and help. When I get a rare, very late, night out in town I look forward to maybe, bumping into them, with their lollies, flip flops, first aid, information cards, and friendly faces etc. Hopefully all I will need is a cheery hello!

Sue Risdale