Do you know how to Swish?

Swishing, or shwopping, is a great way to save money, revitalise your wardrobe and help the environment. In essence, its a clothes swop. You bring your clean, undamaged items of clothing and swop them for something else.

AWIB is holding its first Swish event at The White Hart Hotel on the 2nd March. To make sure there is a good variety of nice clothing that is fairly distributed, we have a set of rules and a “token system” that ensures everyone is treated fairly and equally, no matter how much they bring or the types of items.

It is strictly a ladies only event – not just female but behaviour! Everyone gets a chance to browse items but they cannot be reserved or removed from the racks until the swish opens. No need to squabble over coveted items, there will be plenty on offer!

We only swop outer wear – no lingerie, swim wear or underwear. You can bring a mixture of bags, shoes, boots, costume jewellery, coats, jackets, dresses, blouses, T-shirts, camisoles, trousers, skirts and suits. We give more tokens for designer/high end items but would stress that if you are not happy with the token offer, rather sell your items on line or at a boot sale. Whatever number of tokens you receive for an item, that is the same number that you need to purchase it – there is no profit, only a £2.50 entrance fee which is going to the Mayor of test Valley’s Charity Appeal. supporting local charities.

Anything not taken will be bagged up and given to local charity shops.

It is important for items to be in good condition without frays, stains, marks, missing buttons, broken zips, etc. In other words be proud to offer them up for an exchange. Shoes and boots should be wiped out with antiseptic/cleaning wipes; no smelly shoes please!

You never know what gems you may find – often brand new items with their tags. We have all bought something that we regret later – wrong size, colour or just a wacky moment! But that could be perfect for someone else!

You also have the chance to try new make up and other goodies on the night, so RSVP and start sorting your wardrobe – get ready for a fun girl’s night out!


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