Digital Content – What are you doing about it?

Have you attended a presentation or exhibition on digital content and social media and despite being fired up and impressed:photo_40476_20150903

  • It wasn’t your area of responsibility and you didn’t bother to pass on the information to the person/team who have
  • So busy that you forgot about what you had learnt
  • Haven’t reviewed and updated your website before or since
  • Information overload/overwhelmed by technology you lacked the confidence to do anything
  • Created a couple of social media pages, and put out a few sporadic posts
  • Were disappointed at the few “likes” and “followers” you garnered
  • Didn’t respond to questions posted on your pages or were really slow to respond
  • Overwhelmed yourself and your prospective clients with too many social media pages that neither you or they can handle
  • Relied on quantity over quality in your posts ( then wondered why your followers dropped off)
  • Never used video content
  • Have never used analytics to measure the success of your pages, posts and campaigns
  • Didn’t think it would impact on your line of business

photo_47638_20151016Discover how you will really succeed with digital content by coming to the Big Network

At BN17 we don’t just want your attendance, we want you on the receiving end of realistic, practical and valuable facts, advice and tips that will ensure you get the best from your content. We don’t just want you excited; we want you to make and implement a plan!
Our key note presentation on digital content will be driven by the experience and skill sets of our three speakers. They will give you practical information and how to get the best from the tools of their trade. We have experts exhibiting who will show you Virtual Reality (VR) technology, great web design, social media, blogging, vlogging, artwork, film and more.

No business today can afford to ignore the importance of digital content for success
Attend the one exhibition where you will find the tools and information to make a real and productive difference to your presence on the web.

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