AWIB – still a success story after all these years!

AWIBC-small logo2017 will see in our 25th anniversary … yes 25 years!! There are good reasons why this club is sustainable  and continues to be such a success.

There are lots of different networking groups to choose from and they vary as much in style as they do in price. Competition is healthy and we encourage our members to network whenever and wherever it suits them; we happily recommend and many do join more than one group. We want our members to succeed in business and encourage and support them in any way we can.

So how come we are still so successful? Still attracting the young entrepreneurs, the old hands, the first timers and employees? Our members come from further afield too – not just Andover but across Hampshire and Wiltshire.

Our meetings and events are a great cocktail of sharing, informing, supporting and friending. No matter how big or small your business or ideas, you will not only receive a warm welcome and the opportunity to tell us about your business, but use our events, social media, newsletter and word of mouth for promotion.

We evolve to meet the challenges of the present and the future. We encourage and brainstorm ideas and new ways of doing things. We adapt to ensure we collectively and individually get the most from the combination of meetings, publicity and events.

We collaborate with other networking groups and organisations, which bring additional exposure and new opportunities for members.

There is sharing of information and connections, encouragement and support; because we all want success for each other. But for some members, who work in isolation as sole traders, the club meetings are the “work social” that they may miss from when they were working in larger organisations; the chance to relax and socialise after work. Maybe they are new to the area and need to build up business networks and friendships. For others, it is purely a networking tool. There is a varied mix of business types, entrepreneurs and employees.

We are non profit and members make up the management team – offering their time and other resources for free. In fact, our membership fee has remained the same for more than 4 years! Our dinner meetings at various locations in and around Andover are at cost – there is no administration charge or any other fees attached.

We encourage attending as a guest for  up to two meetings before you decide if we are the club for you, there is no pressure to join; it is important to us that you join for the right reasons.

Membership is just £30 per year but the camaraderie and network potential is priceless.